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Price 1 лв. - 870 лв.
Extra Carp EXC Lancer
PVA мрежа + пълначка комплект PVA mesh KIT от ESP


Fishing tackle

A metal wedge silicone connector Balzer
3.90 лв. Ex Tax: 3.90 лв.

has 2 small barbs at the end that secure the bait, and the attachment to the hook is done quickly an..

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A single case Starbaits Rod Sleeve
49.30 лв. Ex Tax: 49.30 лв.

- material: 600D - reinforced zippers - packed with rods with 50 mm drivers. - reinfo..

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Adapter waggler Sensas
8.90 лв. Ex Tax: 8.90 лв.

for mounting wagglers from 2 to 20 grams...

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Additional weights Korda Spare Weights 8gr
17.60 лв. Ex Tax: 17.60 лв.

Packing  : 3 pcs.weight : 8 grams...

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Bag for drying protein balls Starbaits Sold out
Bag for drying protein balls Starbaits
47.40 лв. Ex Tax: 47.40 лв.

bag for storage and drying of the protein pellets. With the possibility of a movable bottom, wh..

Sold out
Bag for lead Starbaits Sold out
Bag for lead Starbaits
48.90 лв. Ex Tax: 48.90 лв.

A great bag to carry the lead and accessories Starbaits - Combi Lead Bag. It contains four sepa..

Sold out
Bag for reels CarpFocus
13.20 лв. Ex Tax: 13.20 лв.

Stylish and practical bag for storage and transport of reels. Can be used for transferring othe..

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Bag for reels Drennan Sold out
Bag for reels Drennan
17.30 лв. Ex Tax: 17.30 лв.

Protects reels for transport and store them from contamination.Sufficient volume to accommodate larg..

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Bag for reels Sensas Reel and Feeder Bag
82.50 лв. Ex Tax: 82.50 лв.

With up to 4 reels and can accommodate several number Feeder. dimensions : 28 x 28 x 10 cm..

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Bait Binder Bag Binder - Illex Binder Bag Artificial
27.90 лв. Ex Tax: 27.90 лв.

Artificial baits Illex Binder BagSuitable for shine, spinners and other baits or accessories...

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Balzer filleting knife 002 Sold out
Balzer filleting knife 002
13.80 лв. Ex Tax: 13.80 лв.

Extremely sharp knife with a secure grip. It comes with a plastic case with a clip to attach...

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Bandages thread Owner TT 21
14.90 лв. Ex Tax: 14.90 лв.

length50 metersendurance5.36 kg..

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Bang Sensas
11.60 лв. Ex Tax: 11.60 лв.

3 pieces per package..

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Beads with quick links Guru Speed ​​Bead
7.40 лв. Ex Tax: 7.40 лв.

Guru Speed Bead is a set of soft beads and hidden in them swivel type fast connection. Extremel..

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Binder for zig rig mountings Korda Zig Box
31.40 лв. Ex Tax: 31.40 лв.

Binder for zig rig mountingsKorda Zig Box - 4 x 45mm spools of EVA material.- Clip-Lock waterproof l..

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Box Guru Fusion 800
46.00 лв. Ex Tax: 46.00 лв.

Box Guru Fusion800Protects against sunlight, moisture and dirt. With a volume of 8 liters, it can ho..

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Boxes Guru fusion 110 & 150
25.40 лв. Ex Tax: 25.40 лв.

Boxes Guru Fusion 110 and 150 Compactand durable, made of high quality material. Waterproof, suitabl..

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Breeding pond boat Balzer Sold out
Breeding pond boat Balzer
20.60 лв. Ex Tax: 20.60 лв.

Breeding pond provided with a floating ring. ..

Sold out
Breeding pond circular Focus
9.80 лв. Ex Tax: 9.80 лв.

Breeding pond for fishing FOCUS! Made of high quality networking and elastic hoops. It is ..

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