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Price 7 лв. - 98 лв.


Buckets,basin,sieve and fans

Baca Sensas 40L
63.00 лв.62.59 лв. Ex Tax: 62.59 лв.

Perfect for moistening and mixing large quantities of bait. Made of durable and high quality plastic..

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Bucket bait with a lid Guru Bucket - 18l
24.00 лв. Ex Tax: 24.00 лв.

 Made of strong and solid plastic. Perfect for mixing large quantities of bait. The l..

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Carp bucket + basin Starbaits 21L
25.40 лв. Ex Tax: 25.40 лв.

carp fishing bucket with a volume of 21 liters, equipped with an additional bowl and a lid. It ..

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Carp bucket + basin Starbaits 33L
37.80 лв. Ex Tax: 37.80 лв.

Sharanzhiyska pail fishing Starbaits with additional bowl! It is designed for larger quantities..

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Carp bucket of balls and seeds Starbaits Sold out
Carp bucket of balls and seeds Starbaits
18.20 лв. Ex Tax: 18.20 лв.

volume : 11 litersdimensions : 25 x 20 x 27 cm..

Sold out
Footer for groundbait Sensas Soft Bowl
19.50 лв. Ex Tax: 19.50 лв.

Available in 2 sizes with a diameter of 30 or 40 cm.Packing : 1 piece..

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Round Bait bucket 13 litres
18.00 лв. Ex Tax: 18.00 лв.

Convenient double round bucket - the inner bucket has water drains and a lid, and the outer bucket i..

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Screen Sensas Tamis Competition
42.30 лв. Ex Tax: 42.30 лв.

Perfect sieve to sift the earth. Possibility of screening a circular motion or by placing a buc..

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Sensas basin 5L Sold out
Sensas basin 5L
21.60 лв. Ex Tax: 21.60 лв.

Compatible with bucket 25L SensasVolume :5L..

Sold out
Sensas Bucket 25L
40.90 лв. Ex Tax: 40.90 лв.

- Perfect for mixing and transportation of groundbait. - Made of durable and high quality plast..

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Sensas Bucket Club 17L
24.40 лв. Ex Tax: 24.40 лв.

Bucket for transporting and mixing bait - Club Sensas Bucket 17L..

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Set bucket 25l Drennan Bucket System
91.70 лв. Ex Tax: 91.70 лв.

- Bucket -25l with healthy and convenient carrying handle. - Soft cover with neoprene lining an..

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Set Drennan Bait System 20L - 4 parts Sold out
Set Drennan Bait System 20L - 4 parts
98.00 лв. Ex Tax: 98.00 лв.

Main part:  40 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm (20 liters)Large pot:  37 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm (..

Sold out
Special sieve Sensas
29.90 лв. Ex Tax: 29.90 лв.

Perfect sieve baits of Sensas, compatible with buckets with a volume of 17L. Available in 2 siz..

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