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Knifes,scissors and pliers

Balzer filleting knife 002 Sold out
Balzer filleting knife 002
13.80 лв. Ex Tax: 13.80 лв.

Extremely sharp knife with a secure grip. It comes with a plastic case with a clip to attach...

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9.70 лв. Ex Tax: 9.70 лв.

knife for hunting and fishing. It has stainless blade and ergonomic rubber handle...

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Knife 18420029
14.30 лв. Ex Tax: 14.30 лв.

has a right and a serrated blade for cleaning fish and Reza bones, kukoizvazhdach, bottle opener.&nb..

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Knife for filleting with a spoon Mustad Sold out
Knife for filleting with a spoon Mustad
14.90 лв. Ex Tax: 14.90 лв.

Made of high-quality stainless steel with a Teflon coating. It has a spoon for cleaning the blood in..

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Scissors muckworm
8.70 лв. Ex Tax: 8.70 лв.

Fishing scissors with blades of three quality stainless steel for fast cutting of dung (earth) .worm..

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Serrated knife Mustad Teflon Coated Knife 8 " Sold out
Serrated knife Mustad Teflon Coated Knife 8 "
28.90 лв. Ex Tax: 28.90 лв.

black Teflon coating protects against rust and corrosion, while not allowing the meat sticks to the ..

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Shear braided line ESP Braid Scissors
16.10 лв. Ex Tax: 16.10 лв.

Braid Scissors are a pair of scissors which are part of the main tools in fisheries. Braid Scis..

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