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Price 10 лв. - 78 лв.



Carp thimble KORDA Finger Stall
14.70 лв. Ex Tax: 14.70 лв.

carp thimble of Korda developed by thin neoprene to have a very good sensitivity during casting.&nbs..

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Fishing gloves Owner
34.40 лв. Ex Tax: 34.40 лв.

High quality neoprene gloves. The palm of the glove is rubberized and ensures a secure grip and..

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Foxglove Balzer
14.70 лв. Ex Tax: 14.70 лв.

Foxglove for long haul of Balzer. Foxglove - another optional accessory when casting at great d..

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Foxglove CarpFocus Finger Stall
10.50 лв. Ex Tax: 10.50 лв.

Convenient thimble made of leather, suitable for casting or spinning in carp fishing. Universal..

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Foxglove Owner Sold out
Foxglove Owner
31.20 лв. Ex Tax: 31.20 лв.

Foxglove for long haul of Owner. Made from a combination of neoprene and leather socket finger!..

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