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A metal wedge silicone connector Balzer
3.90 лв. Ex Tax: 3.90 лв.

has 2 small barbs at the end that secure the bait, and the attachment to the hook is done quickly an..

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Balzer filleting knife 002 Sold out
Balzer filleting knife 002
13.80 лв. Ex Tax: 13.80 лв.

Extremely sharp knife with a secure grip. It comes with a plastic case with a clip to attach...

Sold out
Boat rod Balzer 71 ° Nano Boat Inliner 2.15m / 100-400g
158.90 лв. Ex Tax: 158.90 лв.

Boat rod Balzer 71 ° Nano Boat InlinerMade of carbon enriched with nano particles. It has excep..

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Breeding pond boat Balzer Sold out
Breeding pond boat Balzer
20.60 лв. Ex Tax: 20.60 лв.

Breeding pond provided with a floating ring. ..

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Cord to fly Balzer Camtec Fly
29.70 лв. Ex Tax: 29.70 лв.

MODEL: 12835056appearanceFloatinglength25 mclass5/6 class AFTMAmodelDT..

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Fiber Balzer Camtec Catfish
9.80 лв. Ex Tax: 9.80 лв.

health and quality fiber fishing for catfish. diameter0.55 mmPacking200 meters..

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Fly Reel Balzer Tactics Fly
85.30 лв. Ex Tax: 85.30 лв.

materialduraluminiumadvancesuper-sensitive drag systemclass4/5/6 AFTMAbearings3..

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Foxglove Balzer
14.70 лв. Ex Tax: 14.70 лв.

Foxglove for long haul of Balzer. Foxglove - another optional accessory when casting at great d..

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Jig heads Balzer Shirasu Micro Jig
3.30 лв. Ex Tax: 3.30 лв.

Jig heads Balzer Shirasu Micro JigHigh quality heads suitable for micro jig, equipped with Mustad ho..

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9.70 лв. Ex Tax: 9.70 лв.

knife for hunting and fishing. It has stainless blade and ergonomic rubber handle...

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Knife 18420029
14.30 лв. Ex Tax: 14.30 лв.

has a right and a serrated blade for cleaning fish and Reza bones, kukoizvazhdach, bottle opener.&nb..

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Lures Balzer Stardust UV Active
4.90 лв. Ex Tax: 4.90 лв.

Lures Balzer Stardust UV Active..

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Mini sensor Balzer SensoTec
13.40 лв. Ex Tax: 13.40 лв.

- Suitable for almost all kinds of sticks. - It has a light and sound display. - Waterproo..

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Pinch pellet Balzer Pellet Bait Bander
6.90 лв. Ex Tax: 6.90 лв.

device for mounting the silicone ring on pellet Suitable pellet with a size of 6-10mm...

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Reel Balzer Alegra Fight 4450
76.70 лв. Ex Tax: 76.70 лв.

extremely reliable reel redesigned and improved transmisiya.Podhodyashta for spinning, and also is u..

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Reel Balzer Alegra Micro Spin
78.00 лв. Ex Tax: 78.00 лв.

Small, compact and quick-.bearings4 pcs.capacity100 m / 0.18 mm.weight190 g.ratio5.1: 1..

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Reel Balzer Alegra Mini 515
78.00 лв. Ex Tax: 78.00 лв.

4 + 1 ball bearings. With aluminum spare spool. System for rapid braking - rotating roller..

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Silicone octopus Balzer Sea Edition
2.00 лв. Ex Tax: 2.00 лв.

* Dimensions: 4 cm, 9 cm, 12 cmcolorBlue Pink/Fluo/Japanrot/MulticolorPacking5 pcs...

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Spinning Rod Balzer Shirasu Spoon 1.83m / 0.5-4g
86.00 лв. Ex Tax: 86.00 лв.

Spinning Balzer Shirasu SpoonUltralight rod with a solid tip that feels every bite. Built on hi..

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Stand boat Balzer Boat Rod Holder
25.90 лв. Ex Tax: 25.90 лв.

- Multi. - The possibility of rotation of 360 °. - Ring lock rod. - 3 different ways ..

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Telescope with guides Balzer Diabolo NEO Tele 300 10-40 gr
88.50 лв. Ex Tax: 88.50 лв.

Length - 3.00 mAction: 10 - 40 grWeight - 195 gSections - 6 pcs.Transport length - 76 cm..

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The reason for pike Balzer 7x7
9.10 лв. Ex Tax: 9.10 лв.

threads7br.Length occasion5m.endurance9 kg.* The set includes 10 pcs. metal tubes for crimping...

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Tilts Balzer UV Star Dust Fluo Orange
5.30 лв. Ex Tax: 5.30 лв.

Tilts Balzer Star Dust Fluo Orange - in sparkling orange fluorescent and UV color, suitable for almo..

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Winter hat BALZER
16.20 лв. Ex Tax: 16.20 лв.

Composition: 30% wool 70% acrylic..

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