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Match Drennan Acolyte Compact Plus 3.90 2 parts

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Ex Tax: 472.00 лв.

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Brands Drennan

Product Code: 37134391

length of 3.9 meters is suitable for a wide variety of locations. Ultra-slim, lightweight and perfectly balanced rod with floating reserves of power. The patented design allows the rod to be packed in two sections of equal length, plus a short screw handle. Ideal for assembly or packaging in seconds. Best matches the reels from 4lb to 6lb + (1,8 kg to 3 kg). Suitable for occasions of 3lb (0.13mm) to 5lb (0.16mm) In kompletka included kalafcheta sleeve and attaching bands. For the fisherman who requires the best

Peter Drenan system Compact:

"This patented design effectively brings 13 feet rods down to 12 feet portable sections. This is a simple, yet revolutionary design that improves balance and operation of the branch, there is only one grip to the hand, so he has two connected instead three. This also means that the end platforms and floats can be left in place on a stretch of nearly 6 feet and kept safe, ready to use, high quality they made sleeve. for better performance and easy storage some of the -Good fishermen who probably were a little unsure of design, prefer compact sticks! "


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